Start Date: 

Saturday | February 15, 2020

Finish Date:

To be announced

Day and Time of Class:


12:30pm - 2:00pm | Class 



All 11 classes for only $25 total. 

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Classes Include 11 Foundations

1. Heart behind the Note: 1st & 2nd Commandment, Psalm 27:4 (worshipping in spirit & truth)

2. Word of God: Ps. 119:54,172; 49:4 (developing a consistent life of connecting with God through his Word). Singing and writing songs to God about the complete nature and character of Jesus in regard to the way David described Him in His songs and Psalms. Songs that talk about His:
⁃ Incarnation 
⁃ Deity  
⁃ Life
⁃ Death 
⁃ Resurrection 
⁃ Ascension into Heaven 
⁃ His satisfaction intercession  
⁃ Prophetical, Kingly, and Priestly office 
⁃ Glorious benefits in this life and that which is to come 
⁃ Union with the church  
⁃ Blessedness of the church with Him, the calling of the Gentiles

3. Serving: 1 Peter 4:10 (a heart to serve with pure motives & intentions) 

4. Prophetic Singing: Revelation 19:10 (singing the heart of God)

5. Prophetic Musicianship: Psalm 49:4 (playing the heart of God)

6. Team Dynamics: (team unity, preferring one another in humility)

7. Increasing, sustaining, and cultivating the anointing (S.O.M., intimacy, etc.)

8. Excellence and Skill (perfecting what we know and pursuing to get better at what we don’t)

9. Creativeness (personal musical expression)

10. Commitment and Faithfulness (Longevity)

11. End Times and Eternal Perspective (worshipping & singing Jesus back to the earth to establish justice and His throne on the earth)