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The scriptures are clear that there will be a global upheaval at the end of the age. God will have a bride for His Son who is made mature through the refining process of the God ordained pressures coming to the earth. Jesus described the end of the age "like the days of Noah". Some tend to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture that depicts Noah and his family being completely removed from the earth during the days of judgment. This is far from the truth. Noah and his family were divinely protected while living through the judgments of God on the earth. Noah and his family overcame during global judgments due to walking intimately with God. This is our call. The prophet Daniel predicts that in the last days there will be those who know their God, do great exploits, and instruct many in the face of great danger (Dan. 11:32-34). 

Jesus has called us to understand the season of His return and prepare spiritually for the unique dynamics of persecution and global worship of the Harlot Babylon and Antichrist systems.

The Ark Project is a series of classes that are designed to prepare you spiritually for the coming storm in America and the nations. 


Sunday | October 4th

Like Noah - Embracing and Preparing for God's Coming Judgments.


Learning how to "pray read" God's end time judgments.

Sunday | October 11th

"Who is the Son of Man"


Learning how to "pray read" about the "Son of Man".