Why MHOP is here.

Meleah Family

God has called us to be a spiritual family that establishes a culture of day and night prayer with worship in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David (Amos 9:11) in response to the worth, beauty, love, and majesty of God. The MHOP family is built around the Prayer Room which is sustained and fueled by trained singers, musicians, and intercessors. Our purpose is to minister to God day and night through worship and prayer while partnering with Christ's intercession for His inheritance - the global harvest of the nations (Psalm 2). From the context of ministry to God and intercession we give ourselves to community, discipleship, and a focused mandate to the word of God.

The Prayer Room is called to serve the Region

The Prayer Room has been established to both serve the Meleah church family and the body of Christ in the region as a gathering place to minister to the Lord and intercede for our churches and our generation. Our desire is to serve and train local believers by providing a unified place to worship, seek the Lord , and to pray together for revival and spiritual awakening.